Yoni Alter

Love My Human

Zone 7 - Old Chelsea + World's End

308 King's Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 5UH, UK




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Mon-Fri | 10am-6.30pm
Sat | 10am-6pm
Sun | 12-5 pm

As part of KCAW X Chelsea Windows, Love My Human features Yoni Alter’s Shapes of Dogs installation. 170 breeds depicted in an accurate comperative scale make Alter’s tapestry, accompanied by life size perspex dogs. Inside the store are Alter’s series of happy, life-size, pointillist wooden dogs.

Graphic artist Yoni Alter has lived in London since 2006. Alter grew up in Israel. He studied art and design in Jerusalem and completed an MA in Graphic Design at University of the Art London in 2007.

“I explore new ways of representation. With bursting colours I integrate between the graphic and the artistic, between the figurative and the abstract and between form and space. My art often plays with viewers’ perceptions.
I enjoy making art and I strive to get people to enjoy it, as many people as possible.”
– Yoni Alter

Love My Human is a contemporary pet boutique with grooming facilities.
They place emphasis on well designed and well made pet products and pet food.

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