Translators: Robots in Disguise?


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10 Oct | 7pm

The future of literary translation and Artificial Intelligence

To celebrate International Translation Day 2020, we are taking a glimpse into the future of literary translation in view of developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our panel of experts will take part in an online discussion to address questions such as:

Which, if any, recent developments make the translation of literature by AI more feasible than in the past?

Can human creativity and sensitivity in interpreting literary texts be matched, or even surpassed by AI?

Does AI pose a threat to the future existence of literary translators, or could new online translation tools lead to significant changes in the way human translators work?

The debate will be hosted by German to English literary translator Katy Derbyshire. Presentations will be given by: Duncan Large, Academic Director of the British Centre of Literary Translation at the University of East Anglia, and Lucia Specia, Chair in Natural Language Processing at Imperial College London.

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