Toy Studio: In Bloom

Sloane Sq

Zone 6 - Sloane Sq + King's Rd

Sloane Square, London, UK



Anytime during KCAW20

As part of its Public Art Trail Open Call, KCAW20 presents IN BLOOM by London-based design collective, Toy Studio.

IN BLOOM is a geometric sculpture and light installation inspired by the complex forms of the stellated polyhedra. The form intends to stimulate the viewer, a visual tool for contemplating the underlying mathematical nature and beauty of the universe. The piece explores patterns and relationships that derive from Islam’s classical ideals of balance and symmetry, representing the rich history of astronomic and mathematical research found within Islamic Culture. The sculpture is lit within, casts delicate and intricate shadows onto both its surroundings and its participants, thus incorporating them into the work.

It is constructed from 420 laser cut aluminium pieces, assembled into 60 modules, forming 12 pentagons, which are connected into a spherical sculpture and powder coated in a pearl gold finish. IN BLOOM illustrates one of the many ways one can derive connection and meaning from geometry and other natural wonders and shared it with others through the medium of arts.

Toy Studio’s work spans the fields of art, architecture, and design. Founded in 2016 by architects Toby Plunkett and Innes Shelley, the studio’s practice is inspired by investigations into natural, mathematical, and scientific systems. The studio’s work is driven by rule-based parametric design processes and digital tools. These are translated into sculptures and large-scale installation found in both galleries and public spaces. Ultimately, the studio crafts experiential and interactive works which share stories, educate, and form new experiences.

The installation is supported by Cadogan.

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