Struck by Light

The Exhibitionist Hotel

Zone 5 - South Kensington

8-10 Queensberry Pl, South Kensington, London SW7 2EA, UK




Daily | 10am-6pm

The Exhibitionist Hotel is a revolving artwork where new art installations are created throughout the year. Artists draw, paint or sculpt directly onto the walls of the hotel. The bi-monthly exhibition programme is accompanied by cutting edge debates and talks open to the public.

During KCAW20, The Exhibitionist Hotel hosts an exhibition by Hundred+ Heroines, an organisation dedicated to celebrating women photographers and visual artists.

In an open call, the experimental photographer and Hundred+ Heroine Ellen Carey asked: ‘What is photography in the 21st century?’

Nettie Edwards offers an answer. STRUCK BY LIGHT presents Carey’s Zerograms and Edwards’ Grave Goods, with words by poet Donna Fleischer, Carey and audiences.

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