Sam Huddlestone

West London Zone

Zone 1 - North Kensington

ware house, Freston Rd, Notting Hill, London W10 6TR, UK



anytime during KCAW20

To celebrate the third edition of KCAW and in order to give greater visibility to locally based creative talent, KCAW20 launched an Open Call to writers and spoken word artists to submit poems to be displayed in the windows of participating venues throughout the borough.

Find Sam Huddlestone's poem, Enough Said, on the windows of West London Zone during KCAW20.

"‘Too Much, ‘Enough Said’’ is a poem that I wrote to capture my experience of frequenting Kensington Palace Gardens over the course of the coronavirus induced lockdown. I would go two or three times a week as a slice of relief from combusting in my room and it became a walk that felt like a diffusion or a pressure outlet. The palace itself became this grandiose, almost grotesque thing in its stillness and its unchanging silhouette, bluntly juxtaposed with the rapid free flow of unfilled time as imploringly indicated by the changing colour of the leaves, or the differences in the birds observed from one walk to the next. One of the beautiful things about going to the same place again and again is that you become one of the lucky few who, for a brief period of time, can track the course of how it changes, of how it responds and shifts to yours and others’ being there.

There is no doubting that coronavirus has had a devastatingly transformational impact, it goes without saying, but what this poem seeks to point out (hopefully successfully) is how the pandemic was also able to transform the way in which I viewed places that I was newly forced to visit often, and I think it was this increased frequency of visitation that unearthed in me certain memories and feelings now indelibly linked to those gardens; memories and feelings that would’ve remained unearthed, had it not been for those walks."
– Sam Huddlestone

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