People Play

Alice Irwin

Zone 2 - Notting Hill + Holland Park

Bramley Rd, London, UK




sculpture on display 24/7

KCAW20 presents the first installation in London of PEOPLE PLAY by Alice Irwin, a series of sculptures exploring Irwin’s long-term interest in the importance of play and of the playground, in particular as a vital place of freedom, interaction and fun.

Commissioned by The Piece Hall in Halifax, PEOPLE PLAY is based on Irwin‘s bold, colourful and distinctive printed characters, with a reference to the former mill town’s textile heritage.

Irwin works with print, etching and sculpture to reference childhood experiences and creates her own creatures from imaginary worlds. Her larger than life figures acknowledge the families that worked in the cottage industry of textiles, and subsequent Victorian mill workers whose contribution helped place Halifax on the world stage for cloth production.

Irwin hopes the works will inspire a love of play. Whilst the playground, innocence and imagination are integral themes in her practice, aspects of her work often explore a more unsettling subtext and thought-provoking themes. People Play references the importance of play and considers those children that worked long hours in the mills for whom it was not an option, and for some children around the world, is still the fact today.

PEOPLE PLAY is the first outdoor installation by Alice Irwin, who graduated in Printmaking from the Royal College of Art in 2018. Irwin often applies her knowledge of traditional print processes to sculpture and painting, pushing the boundaries of all three forms.

The sculpture was commissioned by The Piece Hall Trust in partnership with The Artworks, Arts Charity Dean Clough and Yorkshire Sculpture Park, and funded by Arts Council England.

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