Maya Sanbar

508 King's Rd

Zone 7 - Old Chelsea + Wold's End

508 King's Rd, Chelsea, London SW10 0LD, UK




anytime during KCAW20

To celebrate the third edition of KCAW and in order to give greater visibility to locally based creative talent, KCAW20 launched an Open Call to writers and spoken word artists to submit poems to be displayed in the windows of participating venues throughout the borough.

Find Maya Sanbar's poem, Wise Enough, on the windows of 508 Gallery.

"Living in Kensington & Chelsea, we’re able to try new activities every day, so much to see and interact with, and those who seem like strangers are actually collaborators in bringing this borough to life – that’s why there is no such thing a stranger, or thinking of passers-by as “the other” – we are one big community and everyone plays their part in it."
– Maya Sanbar

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