Little Voices Live

Amy Jackson

Zone 7 - Old Chelsea + King's Road

30 Mallord St, Chelsea, London SW3 6DU, UK




11 Oct | 4-7pm

Join KCAW20 for a performance by LITTLE VOICES artists, live from the Old Telephone Exchange on Mallord St, Chelsea.

LITTLE VOICES is an art piece comprising sculpture, performance, spoken word and visual art. Under- represented artists and members of society will use a variety of mediums to address the topic: transforming society to solve the climate crisis and the greatest inequalities of our time.

The project includes established and emerging artists from marginalised backgrounds and will be available online. The piece shines a light on critical collective action to help us fight major and interlinked societal issues of our time, specifically climate change and inequality.

More than just artwork, LITTLE VOICES is a platform for transformation, containing a wealth of resources, knowledge, craftsmanship and musings. Designed to make us pause and reflect on the biggest challenges we face and determine what we can do to change our world for the better.

Amy Jackson is a British artist whose work explores issues such as climate change, consumerism, mental health, social inequalities and critically, how these themes are inextricably linked. Her work often exists outside of the ‘white cube’ and inside the communities it touches.

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