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Known for her written interventions in public and private spaces, Daudy’s work is based on an ancient Chinese literati practice of seeking to understand the universe through art and nature.

Daudy’s Chinese studies have driven a profound interest in calligraphy and philosophy, which have led into an array of artistic forms and disciplines including sound work, performance, interactive collaboration, photography, sculpture and large-scale installation.

She commonly uses wood or felt fabric to create her writings, as well as her more characteristic ink drawings. Her words reflect or contrast with the nature of the object she makes or chooses, and value what she writes on for what it might evoke or represent.

Daudy is interested in illuminating power structures and using the visual arts as a means of bringing about discourse that might contribute toward social and political change. Although disruptive, her work is full of optimism. While our current world circumstances can seem so dire, the future remains in our hands. “Falling”, as Hito Steyerl observes, “does not necessarily mean falling apart.” [Marina Warner]


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