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Mutant artist, hero of the British counterculture, Joe Rush founded in 1984 the Mutoid Waste Company with an ideal of freedom embodied by an inseparable trilogy: the art, the party and the travel .

in 1980's London, the Mutoid Waste Company, an underground travelling collective of artists and performers, organised and scenographied illegal giant installation parties with an apocalyptic aesthetics … In those derelict environments he occupied and mutated, Joe Rush introduced his art and exhibited his mechanical, mutant and monumental works.

Neither Street Art nor Conceptual Art, Joe Rush’s surrealist pop art is a democratised art.
Founder of the British Salvage movement, adept of the DIY, Joe Rush is the first upcycler of the underground. Salvaging the significative waste of our consumers society, he transcends it into various artworks ranging from design to piece of art, infinitely small to monumental.

A British sculptor influenced by the film Mad Max, Rush is best known for his mechanical, mutant and monumental works made using scrap metal and discarded tools; notably the Arcadia Spider at Glastonbury Festival, and collaborations with Vivienne Westwood and the Rolling Stones.

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