Emilia Harrild

Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop

Zone 2 | Notting Hill + Holland Park

Unit 1, 1 Bard Rd, Notting Hill, London W10 6TP, UK




anytime during KCAW20

To celebrate the third edition of KCAW and in order to give greater visibility to locally based creative talent, KCAW20 launched an Open Call to writers and spoken word artists to submit poems to be displayed in the windows of participating venues throughout the borough.

During KCAW find the poem HOW THE ZEBRA GOT ITS STRIPES outside Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop.

"This is a piece entitled, ‘How the Zebra got his stripes’, and is to me; a discussion of transformation in so many forms. For instance, the way in which modes of discussion are constantly transforming for better or for worse, what with the ever evolving sphere of technology and social media. Another theme of transformation being the visual inversion and thus transformative powers of symbols, signs and their signifiers - in this case; the metaphorical zebra. During Lockdown, there was a much needed emphasis and focus fuelled into the BLM movement, sparked by the murder of George Floyd. And yet, the way in which it was framed and responded to across the news and social media was and is, a source of controversy. I am not in a position to overtly critique how people choose to share support and what is the right or wrong way of doing so, if there is indeed a binary answer to that question. I am also in no way attempting to assume the role of ‘esteemed pedagogue’ through my spoken word. My poem is about addressing and separating fact from fiction, and the unreliable nature of history and narration: how narratives are reframed and thus transformed. But to me most importantly, this poem is written in encouragement and with a sense of (hopeful), empowering optimism in regards to how art and conversations can bring about important- if at grass root level, transformative change."
– Emilia Harrild

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