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from 2 Oct

Last Drop Wines is delighted to be participating in KCAW20 Chelsea Windows presenting a collection of work by painter Dan Morley, featuring exquisite delicate oils of xxx butterflies, reminiscent of Victorian scientific studies.

Self-taught artist Dan Morley draws inspiration from his lifelong fascination for insects, which form a motif throughout his work, in particular moths and spiders. The representation of butterflies came from this childhood obsession and wonder, particularly in the transformation the insects go through during their life cycles. The work also allows Morley to highlight the huge ecological issues the world faces with the decimation of insect species, due to climate change and the intervention of humans in the butterflies’ natural habitats.

Morley paints his subjects like specimens from an antique collection of Victorian natural history museum display cases and handmakes the wooden frames to be in keeping with that point of reference.

Last Drop Wines is a local Chelsea wine merchant which aims to deliver pleasure to their customers, by introducing them to truly wonderful wines, often by little known small independent winemakers. Owner Andrea Viera stocks only wines and champagnes that she can personally recommend, with a rigorous process, that involves her sampling around 8000 bottles a year and choosing just one in fifteen to appear on the shelves.

One of the few wine merchants run by a woman, Last Drop Wines prides itself on introducing its customers to fresh grapes, territories and vintages.

The store often shows artworks by an eclectic mix of local artists and the ‘curiosity shop’ feel is the perfect backdrop to exhibit Dan Morley’s studies. The studies of butterflies particularly appealed to Andrea; in delightful synergy, two of the store’s producers are passionate about the conservation of the species and one vineyard even features the insects on the caps of their wines!

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