Colourful Street / Colourful Life

King's Road

Zone 7 - Old Chelsea + World's End

264 King's Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 5UF, UK





In this time of uncertainty, we welcome the artist and artwork of Lois O’Hara, a born optimist. A naturally effervescent spirit who paints her vision large in murals and whose affinity with colour perfectly suits our setting and our mood.

Lois’s work, Colourful Street / Colourful Life is an abstraction of the actual shape, flows and colours of King’s Road, Chelsea, creating a visual feast for the eyes. Building on Lois’s signature style we have worked together in association with Pantone and The Pantone Colour Institute, the world recognised experts in colour, to define and expand on our understanding of the colours around us and their impact on our inner and outer worlds.

In this project we also pay homage to one of the world’s earliest students of colour – Jacob Christof Le Bron who published a ground-breaking study, ‘Coloritto’ in London in 1723 and who lived on the Sloane Stanley Estate, then known as Chelsea Park, only yards away, behind King’s Road, Chelsea.

Use the QR codes along the road to interact with the ideas and concepts more thoroughly.

Supported by Sloane Stanley.

+ The mural is situated opposite the junction with Oakley Street and King’s Road next to Chelsea Fire Station.

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