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Zone 6 - Sloane Sq + King's Rd

183 King's Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 5EB, UK



anytime during KCAW20

To celebrate the third edition of KCAW and in order to give greater visibility to locally based creative talent, KCAW20 launched an Open Call to writers and spoken word artists to submit poems to be displayed in the windows of participating venues throughout the borough.

Find Aldo Quagliotti's poem, Meta-Morphosis, on the windows of the LEMA King's Rd showroom.

Aldo Quagliotti is an Italian poet, born in a small town in northern Italy and raised near a lake that accompanied his endless afternoons of solitude populated by intermittent voices and cumbersome dreams. Prone to rebellion, he used his tongue as a pair of scissors to carve out a corner of the universe in which he could live and he soon became renowned for poetry: he came across it at conferences he sneaked into in Cambridge and at the Husky races that he loved watching at night during his stay in Austria.

Disobedient and allergic to labels, he decided to live in London, where he attended the music critic course and thanks to which he now works as an aspiring music critic for the international magazine, Peek a boo. After several publications in Italy, which were written up in numerous poetry competitions, he decided to write a book that collects all his poems written in English. This was how his first anthology, Japanese Tosa, came about, a sinister journey into human emotions that escapes the definitions of everyday life and climbs in a timid attempt to reaffirm the universality of every anger and acrimony and the sacredness of each time we fall in love.

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