Alex Chinneck

Zone 2 - Notting Hill + Holland Park

Lockton St, Notting Hill, London W10, UK




sculpture on display 24/7

Alex Chinneck creates surreal sculptures and public artworks
that disrupt the world around us. Drawing on the disciplines of art, architecture and engineering, he has been described as a “master of urban illusion” (The Guardian).

Chinneck’s most recent work, ALPHABETTI SPAGHETTI, takes the form of a traditional red metal pillar post box that has been tied in a knot. The sculpture on Lockton St, Notting Hill, presented as part of the KCAW20 Public Art Trail, is one of a series of his knotted post boxes that have appeared overnight on streets across England over the past twelve months.
By introducing sculptural fluidity to a typically inflexible form, the work challenges expectations and promotes child-like wonder.

Red pillar post boxes are a cultural icon in the UK and there are over 115,500 across the country as a whole. A Royal Mail post box stands
within half a mile of over 98% of the population and their design and colour help create a quintessentially British landscape. No variation to their design is allowed, except in very exceptional circumstances.

In recent years, Chinneck has been responsible for a succession of major public artworks, including flagship installations for London Design Festival and Milan Design Week Completed artworks to date include sliding the brick facade from a three- storey property; constructing a full- size melting house from 7,500 wax bricks; creating the impression that a stone building on London’s Covent Garden Piazza was floating in mid-air; inverting a 37-metre electricity pylon to stand on its very tip; and unzipping the walls, floors and façade of a building in Milan.

Whatever their scale or setting, Alex Chinneck’s artworks respond to their environment, making the world seem momentarily magical.

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