Alfredo Roldan

Pontone Gallery

until 5 July

Pontone Gallery presents a new series of paintings by acclaimed Spanish artist Alfredo Roldan. These works are sophisticated exercises in sumptuous colour and subtle tonalities. Rich passages of reds, blues and greens are played off against muted, earthy shades and ochre flesh tints. The flattened perspectives, fractured surfaces and graphic stylisations reference the cubism of Picasso and Juan Gris. There are echoes of Modigliani in the treatment of his female subjects and we can detect a homage to his 'heroes', Gaugin and Matisse, in his joyful and sensuous manipulation of colour.

With the health and safety of visitors and staff in mind, the gallery will be admitting 10 people at a time and will be observing guidelines for self distancing and cleanliness.
To guarantee your visit, you may now book a time slot to visit the gallery. Please choose a 30 minute slot from the gallery website.

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