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Daughters for Earth Talk

Marie Jose Gallery

4: High Street Kensington

Marie Jose Gallery, Victoria Grove, London, UK





12 JUNE - 31 JULY 2024
Ft. Delfina Velar De Irigoyen, Lucille Dweck, Jean Huang Selby Hurst, Almudena Romero and Maya Sanbar

Marie Jose Gallery and multi-media artist and curator Maya Sanbar are delighted to present DAUGHTERS FOR EARTH

This exhibition explores the feminine in its co-creation with nature. Co-curated with multimedia artist Maya Sanbar, DAUGHTERS FOR EARTH celebrates the variety of ways nature expresses its reality. From the structure of stone and sacred geometry, to the soft fluidity of petals and leaves, there is an ancient story to tell within each of its incarnations.

Inspired by the humanitarian and environmental work of Zainab Salbi, mobilising women to protect and restore our Earth, the gallery is bringing together a group of women artists each working through their own expressions in relationship with nature. The exhibition is a landscape of the senses, both sensual and thought provoking.

Maya Sanbar is a Palestinian-Lebanese-French-British artist whose practice seeks to impact positive global change and capture the power of art activism as a vehicle to inspire empathy, cross-cultural introspection, socio-political and environmental consciousness. Using a variety of media, from painting and sculpture to film and sound installation, her art questions and challenges the boundaries we experience, on a national, psychological, or emotional level. Her award-winning films have travelled far and wide, and her public art installations have created spaces for communities to interact on site-specific themes.
At its core the exhibition marks the gallery's new commitment to championing environmental work and playing its part in sustainability and environmental awareness.


27 June | 11am - 12:30pm


Marie Jose Gallery is a contemporary art gallery and platform representing emerging and established artists from across the world. The gallery endeavours to act as a platform- a stage upon which the stories of today’s gifted artists can be told, whilst bridging the gap between the physical and virtual spheres of modern experience - connecting people with art from around the world.


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