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The Everyperson by G23LAB

Central Gurdwara

2: Notting Hill + Holland Park

62 Queensdale Road, London W11 4SG, UK





The Everyperson at Khalsa Jatha Central Gurdwara (62 Queensdale Road, W11 4SG) is part of the KCAW Public Art Trail this year.

22 June to 7 July
Lit up at night at 9 - 11pm nightly

For those who would like to follow every step of its pilgrimage to a place of worship belonging to each of the world's major religions, its first stop is at the historic St. Mary’s Church in Putney immediately prior to KCAW.

Lit up at night at the Central Gurdwara 22 Jun - 7 Jul, 9 - 11pm, view this mesmerising light sculpture in action, and collect your token (stamped by the artist) for this venue.

Or follow the pilgrim’s progress: @g23lab

Location: 62 Queensdale Road, W11 4SG


22 Jun - 7 Jul
9 - 11pm
Lit up at night at the Central Gurdwara



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