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Chelsea Windows by Jack Trodd

9 venues in King's Road

8: Chelsea + World's End

King's Road Curve, King's Road, London, UK





"For the 5th year, Kensington + Chelsea Art Week is is collaborating with Sloane Stanley to create an exhibition curated by Jack Trodd that spans selected shop front windows along the iconic King's Road. Participating stores, restaurants and cafes will display ground-breaking artworks by London's most exciting emerging artists throughout Art Week and beyond.

For this year's edition, the CHANGING LANDSCAPES theme is reflected in these 'ones-to-watch' artists' unique styles, changing perceptions on what's possible, utilising classical art movements and methods in totally new ways, whilst spotlighting the positively changing commercial landscape that is seeing more businesses championing young artists.

As seen in this project, retail spaces become pop-up contemporary art galleries, artists have the chance to reach new audiences and show their work in unique locations, whilst the public is invited to discover up-and-coming artists and enjoy the High Street enriched with creativity."

Find them all!

+ KNIGHT FRANK exhibiting Sophy Bristol
+ LOVE MY HUMAN exhibiting Etta Mac + Rene Gonzalez
+ BENJAMIN MOORE exhibiting Ella Luben
+ CHINTI & PARKER exhibiting Niamh Birch
+ TRI YOGA exhibiting Suhaylah H.
+ MARGARET DABBS exhibiting Claire Shakespeare
+ KISS THE HIPPO exhibiting Natasha Godfrey


Curated by Jack Trodd @brushes_with_greatness


20 June to 20 July



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